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F & Q

If I am a helper, how to publish and update my profile?
  1. Click “ME” on the bottom right corner
  2. Click “Edit Resume”
  3. Fill in the information, like Basic Information, Working Status and Qualification etc ...
  4. Click “APPLY” to publish your profile
If I am an employer, how to publish your job?
  1. Click “ME” on the bottom right corner
  2. Click “Job Post”
  3. Click the “+” to add the job
  4. Fill in the information, like Job Information, Language and Skills and Duties etc.
  5. Click “APPLY” to publish your job
Do I need domestic helper insurance during employment?
Employer should take out suitable employees’ compensation insurance for their FDH as required under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and my obligations under Clause 9 of the Standard Employment Contract in relation to medical expenses of their FDH.
Do I have to pay for a domestic helper’s medical expenses?
According to the Labour Department’s Standard Employment Contract guidelines, employers must provide free medical treatment and emergency dental treatment for domestic helpers. It doesn’t matter if the injuries or sickness are related to work.